Welcome to Pueto Rico Yarari! We’re finishing the year with a brand new blog. In case you’re wondering what “yarari” means, we figured the best way to start was explaining that name in the first place, so here it is.

Yarari is a Taíno word. The Taínos were the original inhabitants of Puerto Rico when Christopher Columbus arrived on our island. They were descendants of the Arawakan Indians who arrived in the region from South America.

“Yara” in Taíno means “place”, and “ri” means “brave, valiant, or fine spirit”. So “yarari” means “fine place”. Puerto Rico is yarari. It’s actually a really fine place. This blog will be all about why Puerto Rico is a fine place. I hope you like it, come visit, and discover all the beautiful places the yarari I call home has to offer.

Welcome to Puerto Rico Yarari!