Join a Join: a different way to travel in Puerto Rico

The economy is not doing so good. It’s time to ditch the traditional hotel and stay local. What’s that? Well, staying local is literally staying at a local’s place. From renting out a spare bedroom in a home, to entire vacation houses, furnished and waiting for someone to come and stay there. Imagine topping that with a customized personal tour of an unknown place by a local.

Complicated you say? Well, not anymore. is a brand new travel website featuring both places to stay and things to do. Through this platform locals post their properties or private tours for those adventurous travelers seeking a different experience. A beachfront villa in Vieques, a Golf Villa in Dorado, a surf shack in Rincón, a house in La Parguera… just about anything.

Launched in 2013, the site’s listings are growing fast and I suspect will continue to grow as users continue to leave reviews. I personally found an adorable set of houses in Isabela with a spectacular view!

If you’re looking to visit Puerto Rico and have a truly local experience, this website definitely has something to offer.

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