About Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a small Island in the Caribbean. Its left hand neighbor is the Dominican Republic and to the right is St. Thomas and the British Virgin Islands.

The entire Island covers an area of 100 x 35 miles and most of that is surrounded by either pristine lounge beaches, excellent surf spots or fishing, snorkeling, and other aquatic whatever opportunities. In the center is the Cordillera Central, a stretch of mountain filled with rivers and lush vegetation.  All except the metro area.

Originally “discovered” in 1493 by Christopher Columbus, Puerto Rico, or Boriken as the original inhabitants called it, remained a Spanish colony for over 400 years until 1898, when the Hispano-American war ended and Puerto Rico passed on to the USA. Currently the Island is a territory (some argue a Colony) of the United States. That means american citizens do not need a passport to travel here and most international travelers need a regular US travel visa. The currency used is the US dollar and most locals speak both English and Spanish.

In sum, Puerto Rico is definitely Yarari. It’s a place easy to travel to and worth making the trip.  Come to Puerto Rico and discover an Island full of Wonders.

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An Island full of wonders

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