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Proyecto Mundial Bonita Bandera

Who doesn’t like to travel? Everybody does. Puerto Ricans are no exception. As much as we love our 100 x 35 miles of tropical paradise we love to get on a plane and leave it behind, even if it’s just for a couple of weeks. And it just so happens that Puerto Ricans bring their patriotism wherever they go. In honor of this loyalty, some Puerto Ricans like to bring the flag with them when they travel the world. Proyecto Mundial Bonita Bandera is a virtual space where Puerto Ricans can share pictures of them taking the Puerto Rican flag to different parts of the world. Founded by Andrés O’Neill Jr. (local reporter), the page has grown exponentially since it first appeared. It turns out our race has spread everywhere… even the most remote and unlikely places. For all the cool stuff posted on this page, Proyecto Mundial Bonita Bandera is definitely Yarari!