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Cocina Abierta @Condado, San Juan, Puerto Rico

So yesterday was my birthday and being a holiday (Holy Friday) I figured everything would be closed. To my surprise not everything was and we ended up at Cocina Abierta in Condado. Thank the #culinarygods! This place was phenomenal.

The concept is different to your typical restaurant. The menu is divided in 4 acts with small servings with the sole purpose that you order several items and try more than one thing. The portions are just right: Big enough to share, and small enough to order 2 or 3 items. Since it was my birthday, I did not go stingy. We ordered a plate from each act and dessert. Oh boy! I’m going there again.

Aside from the delicious food, they have an extensive wine list and wine pairing suggestions for every plate on their menu. Since we already had a few beers, we didn’t go with wine, but the “adventurous pairing” option certainly called my attention. Perhaps next time…

So, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Unfortunately, Act II plate (Seared scallops) never made it to the photo. (I was really hungry!)

Act I: Fried Calamari with coconut milk and chives 

Fried Calamari

Act II: Seared Scallops (Sorry, no pic).

Act III: Pork Tenderloin Cambodia Style (not sure this was the exact name)

Pork Tenderloin

Act IV: Seared Duck with Green Mole and Pico de Gallo

Seared Duck with Green Mole

Desserts: Make sure you leave room for it!

Citrus: Deconstructed Lemon Tart

Citrus: Deconstructed Lemon Tart


Chocolate Dessert.

Altitude Trampoline Park @Gurabo, Puerto Rico

Had a great time yesterday at the Altitude Trampoline Park in Gurabo. This place is relatively new and my son was begging me to take him so we took some time to go and it was 100% worth it! Gurabo is about 20 – 30 minutes from San Juan depending on traffic (right next to Caguas). If it’s a weekday I recommend you go early to avoid the big 5 – 6pm traffic jams, because those are just horrible and you don’t want to be in one… trust me.

So anyway, the trampoline park is precisely that. A place full of trampolines where you get to jump and bounce to your heart’s content (as long as you follow the rules). Prices are reasonable: About $15 (with TAX) for 1 hour per person if you’re paying full price and buying the socks (socks are $2.00 – they have anti-slipping elements, but you can take them home and reuse them whenever you come back). They have special prices for families of 4 people and larger groups. Kids younger than 7 also pay less. Be prepared to pay about $40 – $45 for 1 hour of 4 people (they have better offers for longer times). One hour was enough for me, but the kids wanted more!

The park also has a dodgeball section, a basketball hoop area, a battle zone where you do an “american gladiator” sort of battle trying to throw the other person off, a little kid area, and a foam pool for jumping in. All the sections are available to you with the 1 hour pay or whatever you choose. Of course, nothing speaks better than a picture, so here I leave you with some so you can see for yourself.

Recommendation: Great for a rainy day when being outside is pointless or when it’s so hot you instantly melt on contact with the asphalt (like today).

Playa Martinica @ Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Secret spot! Well… it’s not really a secret, but getting to this beach isn’t that easy. In Aguadilla (North West), inside the former Ramey Base, there is a one-lane sandy road that leads to this rather private and very nice beach: Playa Martinica (NOTE: You should have an off-road vehicle for this!) There are cave formations, “pozitas” (natural sea water pools), interesting rocks that lead to more secret spots, and apparently fishing too! So if you ever travel to the North West side of the Island, go for it. This place is obviously Yarari! For directions, ask around, or ask me. I will provide directions via private message.

La Quilombera – A Rhythm That Speaks All Languages

Welcome to the Quilombo! A Quilombo was a town in Brazil or the Caribbean founded by runaway slaves. It served as a refuge for anyone wishing to escape their current oppressive condition and a place to exchange ideas in the fight for liberation.

That is precisely what La Quilombera is: a musical group that fuses rock and Afro-Latino rhythms creating a refuge for all who seek to escape from boxed ideas and of course, boredom. Because La Quilombera’s musical proposal speaks all languages, makes you want to move your body, and will certainly make everyone have lots of fun.

Photos by Frank Elias
Photo by Frank Elias

Composed by Juan Blaze (Voice), Beto Torrens (Voice and Percussion), Joel Martínez (Lead Guitar), Alex Berríos (Rhythm guitar/Chorus), Doel Delgado Rivera (Bass), Juanky Hernández (Drums/Chorus), Bryant Huffman (Percussion/Chorus) y Falú Quilombo (Accordion/piano/chorus), La Quilombera is currently producing its first full-length album “Homini Falombiucoccus Mastoidis Nefrolíticus”. What exactly is “Homini Falombiucoccus Mastoidis Nefrolíticus”? It’s that special something that sometimes gets into you and you don’t know what it’s called. Well, La Quilombera gave it a name, and it’s “Homini Falombiucoccus Mastoidis Nefrolíticus”. This album includes the talents of several international artists and industry professionals like Mario Siperman (Los Fabulosos Cadillacs) and Eduardo Bergallo (Shakira, Soda Estereo, Lucibel) that make this a truly unique musical experience. But don’t take my word for it, check them out yourselves by downloading their brand new single “Por cada día” (For each day) on the iTunes store. It’s a fun romantic sound perfect for this season. You may also download their first EP “Quilombo y Barbarie” and their previous single “Caminando Voy”.

Photo by Frank Elias
Photo by Frank Elias

Of course, nothing compares to a live performance. Recently, Puerto Rico had the privilege of seeing them live at the famous San Sebastian Street Festival where the fans were left wanting more. And in order to appease them, La Quilombera will be performing live at the Star Stage during the Festival de Apoyo a Claridad 2015 this Friday February 27th at 10:00 PM, as well as an expansive media tour and the launch of their brand new album. It’s time to join the Quilombo and liberate!

Lee la versión en español de éste artículo aquí: La Quilombera – Un ritmo que habla todos los idiomas

La Quilombera – Un ritmo que habla todos los idiomas

¡Bienvenidos al Quilombo! Un Quilombo era un poblado en Brasil o el Caribe creado por esclavos escapados. Servía de refugio a cualquiera que huía de sus condiciones y formaba un centro de intercambio en pro de la lucha por la liberación.

Y eso es precisamente lo que es La Quilombera: un junte musical que fusiona el rock con ritmos afro-latinos y sirve de refugio para todos que buscan escapar de las ideas encajonadas y claro, el aburrimiento. Porque la propuesta musical de esta banda habla todos los idiomas, da ganas de mover el cuerpo y de seguro pone a cualquiera a gozar.

Photo by Frank Elias
Photo by Frank Elias

Compuesta por Juan Blaze (Voz), Beto Torrens (Voz y Percusión), Joel Martínez (Guitarra Líder), Alex Berríos (Guitarra Rítmica/Coros), Doel Delgado Rivera (Bajo), Juanky Hernández (Batería/Coros), Bryant Huffman (Percusión/Coros) y Falú Quilombo (Acordeón/Teclados/Coros), La Quilombera se encuentra actualmente produciendo su primer disco de larga duración “Homini Falombiucoccus Mastoidis Nefrolíticus”. ¿Qué es “Homini Falombiucoccus Mastoidis Nefrolíticus”? Es esa cosa que te entra de vez en cuando y te pone a gozar, pero realmente no sabes como se llama. Pues La Quilombera le puso un nombre: “Homini Falombiucoccus Mastoidis Nefrolíticus”. Esta producción discográfica cuenta con la colaboración internacional de múltiples artistas y profesionales de la industria como Mario Siperman (Los Fabulosos Cadillacs) y Eduardo Bergallo (Shakira, Soda Estereo, Lucibel), que hacen de ésta una experiencia musical inigualable. Pero no me crean a mí, escúchenlos ustedes mismos descargando su nuevo sencillo “Por cada día” directamente de iTunes. Es un sencillo de amor sabroso perfecto para esta época de romántica. Allí también podrán descargar su primer EP “Quilombo y Barbarie” y su sencillo previo “Caminando voy”.

Photo by Frank Elias
Photo by Frank Elias

Pero claro que nada compara con un espectáculo en vivo. Recientemente Puerto Rico pudo verlos en vivo desde las famosas Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián dónde el público quedó contento y con muchas ganas de oír más. Para complacerlos, La Quilombera se estará presentando próximamente en la Tarima Estrella del Festival de Apoyo a Claridad 2015 el viernes, 27 de febrero a las 10:00 PM, además de una variedad de presentaciones en medios, el lanzamiento de su disco y una gira promocional . ¡Llégale al Quilombo y libérate!

Read the English Version of this article here: La Quilombera – A Rhythm That Speaks All Languages